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AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES is a French leading aviation insurance expert from insurance companies.

Family-owned, AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES supports any aviation related customers (pilots, aircraft owners or operators, sub-contractofs, flying schools,etc) and qualifies the risks they face in order to negotiate and set up suitable insurance solutions.

Created in 1999 by Caroline COGNET RENARD and Christine GERVAIS, AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES represents and defends the interests of its clients toward insurance companies, worldwide.

AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES has adopted a charter of values which notably includes customer focus, requirements, clarity and transparency towards our customers, propsects and insurance partners. The FILHET-ALLARD group, one of the French leaders in insurance brokerage, has been a reference partner since June 2022.



Meticulousness- Availability- Reactivity- Clearly identified Contacts - Team properly trained to the specificity of the aviation field  - Commitment - Transparency.

To contact us, visit our Contact US page.

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