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Owner or operator of an aircraftn check out your insurances!

Air Courtage Assurances is an independent insurance broker dedicated to general aviation risk management since its creation 20 years ago. Our scope of activities includes any flying devices, from private light aviation and prototypes to all sorts of commercial operations, aerial works , airports and manufacturer liability coverage. We assist our clients Worldwide and will be happy to discuss about your project!


Insurance coverage fully adapted to your specific needs :


Third party Legal Liability insurance covers bodily injury or material damage to third parties (passengers or person/property not carried on board).

This insurance is mandatory, and should be provided in accordance with EC Regulation 785/2004.
The level of coverage will vary depending on MTOW of the aircraft (maximum Take Off Weight) and number of passenger seats. Premium will be based on the level of coverage granted and will vary depending on uses and pilot clauses as well. 

  • HULL INSURANCE  : This coverage is optional

This insurance covers the material damage to the insured aircraft (which also means equipment pertaining thereto)
It is important to declare the real value of the aircraft, even if you have decided to insure part of its real value.
The insurance premium will vary depending on the insured value, the excess level, and pilots and uses clause.
Do not forget to mention to the insurer if your aircraft is fitted with a parachute or a specific braking system for instance as this can have a positive impact on the insurance premium.If you are performing road transportation, you can either request to extend coverage in force or take-out an additional tailor-made insurance policy.  If your aircraft is hangared, and if you have entered into a contract with the owner to waive any rught of recourse againt the owner and his insurer, it is important to notify it to your insurance broker.


The pilot in command, co-pilot, or crew member are never covered for their own bodily injuries by the  hull or the third party legal liability insurance.
Personal accident insurance is an option that can be taken out to pay compensation for accidental injury during a flight. Flight also includes embarking and disembarking.

You can either cover :

- the pilot seat  (without having to name the pilot)

- A named pilot

This coverage is strongly recommended as you can opt for the level of capital sum insured that suits your needs.

Coverage includes both medical costs and disability in case of an injury as well as a capital sum in case of death.

You can also opt for daily allocance benefits...


To determine which option suits you best, it is necessary to check if the insurance policies you already have in force (loan insurance, pension insurance, etc)  do not exclude your aeronautical activity and are in line with your personal or professional situation.


This coverage is optional. Most of repatriation policies include coverage for both pilot and passengers. Some policies can include repatriation of the aircraft itself.

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