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MROs, your insurance needs are very special!

Ongoing maintenance, C-check, …. you combine a wide range of exposures and your liability can be more and more heavy, depending on:  

  • Your regulatory environment.

  • The typo of contracts signed with your clients, providers, suppliers.

  • Your level of subcontracting

  • Your ratings list.

With more than 20 years of experience in aeronautical risks, we are perfectly aware of the constraints and difficulties linked to maintenance and airworthiness you may face, and we will be pleased to assist you.

Our approach includes

  • The discovery of your needs thanks to a first appointment

  • The setting up of a workplan which suits your deadlines and the level of support you need


Depending on your needs, we can either :


  • Only make a call for tenders to insurers  in line with your specifications

  • Perform a full audit of your legal and insurance situation  - with or without call for tenders.

  • Assist you yearly as regards liability and insurance clauses.


Please request a meeting with our dedicated team

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