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Air courtage assurances is fully independent of insurance companies and committed to select for its clients and prospects the best offer in terms of price/quality ratio.  Air Courtage Assurances  also has the ability to set up tailor-made insurance solutions for its clients. 

A business on a human scale, Air Courtage Assurances is a company built upon shared values such as:

  • Rigor

  • Availability

  • Responsiveness to customer requests

  • Clearly identified contacts for our customers

  • Professionnalism

  • Transparency and honesty

  • Aeronautical expertise

Each and every employee of Air Courtage Assurances commits to respect these core values.


Are your insurance policies matching the risks you are facing?


You can rely on Air Courtage Assurances' legal experts in order to:

  • Review and analyse coverage in force : what are the strengths and weaknesses of the insurance policies compared with your identified risks : the limits of coverage and deductibles are there in line with your needs ?

  • Secure the best possible terms and conditions : avoid double insurance; check consistancy of insurance premiums with similar risks

  • Improve the safety of your company by avoiding coverage gaps

  • Inform you about any change that may affect your insurance policies.

Because things are moving quickly in the insurance world, we will ensure, for you, a technical and juridical watch of subjects that could affect you insurance policies.


Thanks to our stringent working methodology, we will issue a detailed audit report with our recommendations to guarantee security and serenity you should expect from your insurance coverage.

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