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As an Officer or Manager of a flying club, you are worried about insurance solutions set up for your club and keen to get expertise advice.

You are right as it is curcial to set up tailor-made insurance solutions to protect the Club, its Directors and Officers, Instructors, Volunteers and members.

Do not hestitate to contact our team to discuss about your insurance needs.

We can either act as a consultant of the insurance policies in force or accompany you in the negotiation of new insurance policies :

  • Aircraft Fleet insurance (aircraft, microlight or others...)

  • Hangarkeepers and premises insurance

  • Directors and Officers liability insurance

  • Instructors, pilots and passengers insurance,

  • Airfield legal liabilit

  • Liability insurance for your association (for terrestrial risks)

  • Airshows and events insurance

  • Aircraft refueller insurance

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