SARL AIR Courtage Assurances

Hôtel d'Entreprises "Pierre Blanche"

330 Allée des Lilas - Parc Plaine de l'Ain


Private limited Company with a capital of EUR50,400

N° ORIAS 07 000 679 (

Registered with the trade and companies register of BOURG EN BRESSE 422 480 145 00032

APE 6622 Z

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AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES holds an error and omissions insurance policy and a financial guarantee which are compliant with the articles L521-6 and L521-7 of the French Insurance Code.
Insurance broking company.

Under the superx 09- 
( Phone +(33) 01 49 95 40 00.


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V – Liabilities

VI - Features and conditions of use of « YOUR ACCOUNT »


VIII - Right of renunciation for distance selling (internet, phone, fax, email without physical contact with the seller)

IX - Complaints procedure
X - Mediation of Insurance



I - Personal Data Protection

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II - Mailbox


By emailing us, you are giving us your email address which can be used by A.I.R. Courtage Assurances and its subsidiaries and/or holdings for commercial prospection or solicitation purposes. You can proceed to your right of opposition, modification, correction or deletion of Your Personal Data, by emailing us at or by mailing us at « AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES - DPO Department - 330 Allée des Lilas - 01150 ST VULBAS - France ».


III - Warning - Product and service information


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IV - Copyrights

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V - Liabilities


AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES, its subsidiaries and/or holdings should not be held liable for:

Damages of any nature, whether direct or indirect, that may result from using this site or in relation with this site, including any operating, financial or commercial loss, or loss of programs or data, virus, technical or other problems rendering access to the website difficult, unreliable or impossible and this whatever the cause and origin. 


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VI - Features and conditions of use of « YOUR ACCOUNT »

To create your own account « YOUR ACCOUNT», you need to complete the full registration process and ensure that you provide current, complete and correct details.  Your account is available to you free of charge (except for internet connections).

Certain data are optional while others are compulsory ad clearly indicated as such as necessary to provide our servicing. You commit to provide current and correct details in mandatory fields of your account.

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You may refuse to accept cookies or delete them without this having any adverse effect on your navigation of the website. In such a case, AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES will not be in a position to send you  personalized features..



VIII - Right of renunciation for distance selling (internet, phone, fax, email without physical contact with the seller)


If you have taken out an insurance policy through internet and acting for purposes which are primarily outside your trade or business, you have the right to withdraw from the contract by certified mail with proof of receipt during a period of 14 days from the day of the signature of the agreement, without requiring to specify the reason for the cancellation or being subject to penalties. As soon as you become aware of a Loss that brings the benefits of the  policy, you cannot  exercise any such right.

To exercise your right of renunciation, you only need to inform us by certified letter with return receipt addressed to:

AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCE - 330 Allée des Lilas -Hôtel d'Entreprises Pierre Blanche - 01150 SAINT VULBAS - France.



“I, the undersigned M........................................ (name, surname, address) renounce my application for ............................(name of insurance policy) insurance n° ………… taken out by distance on  …………. on the website

Signed in ……… on ……….… signature ………”.



Cover ceases in the date if receipt of the letter of cancellation and we will refund to the policyholder any premium already paid, with the exception of those corresponding to the period of cover that has already elapsed. If benefits have already been paid, the policyholder will no longer be entitled to exercise their right to cancel.




IX - Complaints procedure


  • In the event of a disagreement or dispute, we would recommend to seek an agreement with your usual contact person within AIR COURTAGE ASSURANCES.

  • If you do not get a suitable solution, please contact our complaints department :


We commit to get back to you within ten working days and to answer your complaint within two months. In case of repeated disagreement, once all above mentioned internal actions have been exhausted, you can call upon a Mediator.


X - Mediation of Insurance




As per articles L156-1 and following of the French Consumer Code, the Insurance Mediator is competent to investigate any dispute between a customer and a business entity, which has failed to be resolved by the complaints departments of the insurance broker.

The Mediator may be summoned by one of the following methods:

Mailing address : La Médiation de l’Assurance, Pole CSCA, TSA 50110 75441 Paris Cedex 09

Emailing address :